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Delaware’s Department of Education is committed to promoting the highest quality education for every Delaware student by providing visionary leadership and superior service. Therefore, within the next four years, Delaware will challenge its local education agencies to work together to achieve the following goals:
  • 60% proficiency on the National Assessment of Educational Progress (NAEP) on Grade 4 Math; 55% proficiency on Grade 4 Reading, Grade 8 Math and Grade 8 Reading by 2015.
  • Racial (black-white and Hispanic-white) and income (low income-high income) achievement gaps that close by half on NAEP by 2015.
  • 100% of students meeting state standards on the Delaware state math and reading exams by 2014.
  • A No Child Left Behind graduation rate of 90% for the class entering high school in 2014.
  • A college enrollment rate of 70% by 2014.
  • A college retention rate of 85% by 2014, as measured by the percent of college students who complete at least one year of college credits within two years.
Fingertip Facts on Education (DE)

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